Haiyun Medical Platform and Devices

Haiyuntech's products enhance consumer portable healthcare devices, making them easy to use and interoperable. With strengths in portable devices, Haiyuntech’s aims is to eliminate the need for a hospital visit or stay and reduce healthcare costs. Consumer medical equipment can give patients the freedom at home to monitor blood pressure, lung capacity, glucose levels, log heart events, temperature and weight.

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Search doctors
Flexible appointment
Medical record management
Remote consultation
Online prescription
Medical information

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Doctor and carer

Arrange service as wish
Digital medical record
Clinic on mobile
Online billing
User review and ranking

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Medical record

Access to all medical records in one place
User record self-upload
Health data mining
Health model building
Health trending and predication

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Medical devices

Safe, quick and reliable connection to mobile
Real-time data collection
Real-time health data analysis
Alerts sent to family and doctors